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Best Santa Fe Albums of 2013

Best Santa Fe Albums of 2013

Rumelia is very pleased to be part of this esteemed list—thank you! From the website…

We Can’t Say No To An Exotic Instrument

No dark corner of a pawn shop is safe from our creative impulses and no instrument is off limits in the recording studio. Prominent musical roles were given to exotic instruments such as the kora, bouzouki, cajón, djembe, dunun, steam wand, tupan, saz, gaida, calabash, low whistle, mbira, hosho, shekere, segon, ogan, boula, manman, the Haitian rhythm yanvalloux, ney, balafon and tupan – and that’s just the instrumentation on Round Mountain’s “The Goat.”

Other highlights included the Southeastern European instrumentation on Rumelia’s “Lost and Found,” the punk rock-informed drone of the electric autoharp on “Gregg Turner Plays the Hits” and the Middle Eastern stylings of anything tied to the talented Jeremy Bleich (the self-titled Trio Andaluz, Meagan Chandler’s “Sensual”).

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